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Excursions around Moab, Utah

Mesa Arch, Sunrise, Canyonlands National Park, Utah

The image above, Mesa Arch Sunstar Panorama, is an image I had wanted to create for quite some time. On the last morning of our family camping trip in Moab I left camp at 5:00 am with my fingers crossed. After almost an hours drive from Moab into Canyonlands National Park I arrived at the trailhead. I made the easy hike, about 1/2 mile, via the light of my headlamp to Mesa Arch. I arrived with plenty of time to select the angle I wanted and to refine my composition and focus. (look for a future post on the importance of good planning!) This is exactly the image I had envisioned. The large format equipment allowed me to hold strong detail in the distant canyon bottom, along with the glowing arch in the foreground. The glow occurs after the sun rises. Those warm rays of magic hour reflect off of the sandstone cliff face below and illuminate the arches underside. I waited for the sun to reach the arches rim before exposing this image, as I wanted the sunstar effect to enhance the scene (the star effect is caused by light rays refracting around the edge of the cliff). This is the most iconic of the images I created on this particular trip. Please look at my other images in the Southwest portfolio on .

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Welcome to My New Blog!

This is the site for my new Jon Paul Gallery Blog. Soon I will be adding entries regarding happenings with the Jon Paul Gallery, New releases of images, stories about outings and travels, and videos sharing experiences and tutorials. I hope you will enjoy following my activities as a photographer.

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