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Persistence Pays Off…Again!


Cave Rock Sun star Panorama

 I had envisioned this image for a couple of years, and finally was putting the time in locally to pursue it. I wanted to compose an image that included Cave Rock, and loved the way the angle of the slope and shape of the tree line framed lake Tahoe. A panoramic image was perfect. I just needed Mother Nature to cooperate. Over the course of three weeks I visited this spot almost every morning and evening. We had a span of inclement weather, so I really focused on the sky and put in the time. Ironically, this was not exactly what I have envisioned, but perhaps better! I had set up my large format bellows camera with the panoramic film back and a three stop Split ND filter covering the sky. I was anticipating the possibility of a brilliant sunset, and clouds much brighter than the foreground. Instead of the color show, the sun exploded out from under the clouds, just bursting onto the mountain line, both creating a sun star, and back lighting the foreground foliage with amazing yellow light. I immediately removed the split filter, as the clouds were now darker than the foreground, and quickly exposed the four sheets of film that the panoramic can consume on one roll. That was it. The show was over. Just a few seconds (and three weeks). Fortunately, I put in the time, I was prepared, and I was open to the possibilities. The experience was fantastic, and the image is amazing. That’s why I keep doing this. I hope you enjoy!

Note: I have left some time available during the holiday season for private field seminars. Let me now if you want to head out and look through the lens together!


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