Lily Pads & Fall Reflection Panorama

Lily Pads & Fall Reflection Panorama

I composed this image on Lily Lake, at the south end of the Lake Tahoe Basin. I love this area for it’s signature Sierra beauty, along with the peace and quiet that can be experience here. Early this fall morning the wind stood still, enabling me to enjoy the crystal clear reflections and mist rising from the water. The old cabins and row boat added to the ambiance of this Walden like scene. I chose to create this image before the sun rose high enough to illuminate the far cliffs, keeping the moodiness of the scene. I didn’t want the electric pop of direct light here. I was mesmerized by the tranquility, and the shaded light enabled me to hold the richness I wanted in the colors. Finally, I chose the panoramic format to accentuate the mist on the far side of the lake, and give an expansive view of the most detail filled portion of the scene I was observing. This image is now available as a  limited edition directly through Jon Paul Gallery.
(Note: This is one of the locations available to my private field seminar participants! Contact me through Jon Paul Gallery for information on my seminar offerings.)

Photo Tip:
I love shooting in low ambient light pre-sunrise, after sunset, or in overcast conditions. Colors are very rich, and otherwise impossible exposures are tamed by the even light. However, these conditions produce a blue cast that our film or digital sensors record. Occasionally, this can be a cool effect, but most often it just looks unnatural. This can be solved in several ways: we can use a warming filter over our lens, we can set the white balance in our digital camera before shooting, we can correct the color temperature in our Raw converter or, within PhotoShop, we can open a curves adjustment layer and use the grey dropper. Shaded light is fantastic for scenes that can become too contrasty in direct light. Just be aware of the color cast and know how to correct it if you would like to. Happy shooting!

Equipment used:
Canham 5×7 Metal Field Camera, Canham 6x17cm panoramic roll film back, Rodenstock 150mm APO Sironar-s lens, Fuji RDPIII Provia 100 transparency film, Gitzo 1325 carbon tripod, Really Right Stuff BH-55 ball head.

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