Jon Paul in the field.

Photographer, Jon Paul, has owned and operated the Jon Paul Gallery in South Lake Tahoe, California for over 12 years. As one of the few remaining large format landscape photographers in the world, Jon is known for producing some of the most beautiful gallery prints available today. His self taught style is impeccable, and has earned him an international reputation for being a true master of the craft of photography.
While building a collector base in all 50 US States and over 35 different countries around the world, Jon has remained humble. Not only does Jon share his amazing art with the world, Jon has chosen to share his knowledge and passion for photographing the natural world with aspiring photographers through his field workshops and tours. You have the opportunity to venture into the field with this modern master, looking through the lens together, seeing how he sees, asking all of your questions, and bringing your photography to a higher level.
Jon’s field workshops & tours are available as both private and group excursions, as well as corporate retreats. All ability levels are welcome, from beginner to professional. Both digital and film photographers are welcome.

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