Corporate Retreats & Outings

Silver Lining, Sunrise, Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe.

Silver Lining, Sunrise, Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

I am now offering corporate retreats, corporate outings and team building excursions based around the experience of my field photography tours. Unlike many team building excursions that are physically challenging and exclude people with physical limitations, my photography experiences are based on the beauty  of the natural world. Experiencing sunrise at Emerald Bay, or sunset at Sand Harbor is life changing. Focusing your attention on the details of an idyllic setting along the shore of a creek, next to a waterfall or within a pine or aspen forest changes our perspective. And that’s the idea!

By experiencing the details of a natural setting, very much away from the workplace, with co-workers, enables us to re-focus, share non-stressful appreciation for something inherently positive, and build upon our personal health and attitudes. These outings can stand alone, or be the center piece for team building exercises. We are also developing products that will enable attendees to utilize “visual triggers”, based on their experience with me, to refocus each day. This will aid in their finding strength, relaxation, motivation, and appreciation for themselves and fellow employees.

These retreats and outings are meant to bring your group together through positive shared experience, along with helping each individual find a psychological escape and means of becoming a healthier, happier person and more productive employee. I am happy to act as a facilitator, or to work directly with your human resources personnel to create the most positive and productive experience possible.

Corporate retreats and outings are also available simply as an enjoyable and positive experience for your corporate group.

We are happy to assist in arranging accommodations and other outside activities such as hikes, cycling, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, fishing, skiing, etc. Please contact us directly with inquiries.

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