My Approach to Workshops / Tours?

“Bringing the Fine Art of Nature Home”

Many participants come to me believing that all of the functions on their digital camera, their Raw converter, HDR software and editing software are photography. They are quite overwhelmed by “everything they have to learn”! I have created a methodology (the same one I use for my large format gallery work!) that eliminates the intimidation factor and brings you back to the reasons you wanted to do photography in the outdoors to begin with.

As my catch phrase, “Bringing the Fine Art of Nature Home”, intimates, we look through the lens together and create a simple procedure, consisting of just a few steps, that enable you to enjoy photography and increase your success rate. This process has been a great success for participants ranging from relative beginners to professionals. From scouting and planning to composition, solid technique and filter use to light and exposure, and using your “digital cheat sheet”, we will learn while doing!

Each one of us learns differently, has a different ability level, and wants to do photography for their own reasons. I work with each person individually every day, at each location. I address each participants needs one-on-one, along with sharing details with the group as a whole. The natural world is our classroom, and I will help you reach your personal photographic goals while also creating a fine portfolio of images in the amazing locations I share with you!
The combination of my teaching methodology, world class locations, diverse wildlife, small group sizes and enjoyable camaraderie make my workshops and tours an experience of a lifetime! I look forward to sharing this time with you.


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