Private Individual & Small Group Workshops & Tours

Workshop participant making the most of the reflected light and ice patterns!

I specialize in private field workshops & photo tours, which are available year round for individuals or small groups here in Lake Tahoe, or anywhere in the world. Whether you want me to help you get to the right spot at the right time to capture that image you’ve been dreaming of, or if you want to improve your landscape photography skills, private instruction that is focussed on your needs is the perfect choice. Every session is customized to help you reach your goals!

Many people are enamored with my large format gallery images and simply want the opportunity to work next to me in the field, ask me questions about their photography, and “see how I see”. I am passionate about sharing my love and knowledge of outdoor photography. While I am technically knowledgable enough to answer all of your digital questions, I have built a reputation for being able to simplify the photographic process down to what is truly necessary to take great photos. I will eliminate the intimidation factor of the digital age and break things down to the basics of what is truly required to produce world class images! Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your time outside again?

Topics often discussed include, but are not limited to: quality and direction of light, metering (how our camera sees), using the histogram, rules and concepts of composition, use of filters, black and white photography, wildlife photography, reflections, moving water, night photography, shooting in a forest, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, long exposures, planning and research, focal length, perspective, film v.s. digital, emotion and the art of photography. What we discuss is up to you!

Please call me directly to discuss what you are envisioning. I look forward to helping you reach your photographic goals!

Cost: $695/extended morning or evening session (@8 hours) for first two people + $100 each additional person (plus travel if required)
$300/Sunrise or sunset (@3hours) Perfect for the vacationer that can’t get away from the family for a full day.

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